Saturday, 3 September 2016

NevermoreAlice comic on Patreon

Yes an actual NevermoreAlice comic with a map of Nevermore on the back!!! Every month on my patreon there will be a new issue of NevermoreAlice meets Britannia.

Normally only $10 upwards patreons have access to my comic downloads and erotic art, But for the first time you can enjoy this first issue for $5 ($10patreons get the erotic and horror editions of the comic plus all my other comics) and my patreon is Paypal freindly.

Recently my followers told me Britannia and Nevermore Alice were two of their fav characters of mine so I decided to create a cross over comic (Britannia already has 2 comics on my patreon) as Britannia finds herself crashing to Nevermore and falls victim to its flora and fauna while Scarecrow Joe begins to trackdown a violent murderer.
Each month as well as fufilling Patreon rewards there will be a new issue of NevermoreAlice meets Britannia to download and enjoy on Patreon with cool covers and both reguler and erotic editions.

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