Thursday, 26 February 2015

New Nevermore Alice FaceBook Group to share

If your on FaceBook there is a new public Nevermore Alice group for Artists and Collectors to join, see art from all the different sets such as never shown sketchs, draft art, adverts from different sets, cardbacks, basecard art in black and white before colours etc and all memebers can share their collections and artists can offer any AP's and commissions they have going.

To join the group just click here NEVERMORE ALICE FB GROUP and once your clicked to join the group you can rummige through the Photos folders for art from the different Nevermore sets and post your own up on the group

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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Nevermore Alice site updated

Hello fellow Nevermore Collectors, we have been lost in wonderland for some time, but the site has just had an update. We have added all the important character designs used in the serise so far and included the different cardbacks for sketchcards. We have edited the info about the main storyline for Nevermore Alice around the site and added brief introductions to the different sets down the right hand side of the site. More updates are planned for the future.

Concept Art for a Nevermore Alice Pirate set featuring Alice and the Cheshire Cat
We get emails all the time from collectors and fans asking where Nevermore Alice 2 and other NA sets are, when are they coming out? We want them to come out as well. But right now the world is still recovering from the financial crises and card collecting and set production has taken a big hit. We would love to produce a two hundred pack set for Nevermore right now, but is the card industry back on its feet yet? let us know.

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