Monday, 20 August 2012

PromoCard News

While we have been getting the exciting Nevermore Alice Flux set ready, We took the time to produce a brand new Promocard for Nevermore Alice 2 which reveals some of the secrets planned for Alice and co when we return to Wonderland in 2013.
What makes this new promo card extra special is that it's ONLY AVAILABLE at  and will be given away free to attendee's at the convention (while stocks last)

This is what it looks like

For those of you who can not get to the convention, dont worry, we have created an alternate NA2 promocard for our artists who live all around the world to give out at conventions they attend and we shall also be putting them up for purchase on the website here, not alot of money, just enough to cover post and packing costs etc because we dont like the idea of people missing out, but to make it clear, you can only get the above Promocard at the convention or if people list them on Ebay etc afterwards.

While i have your attention i would like to point out a new place to see all of our sets and get updates on facebook
You can see the adverts for our new sets, see character designs and promocards etc, i'm constantly loading up artwork and information there for folks to enjoy

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Friday, 10 August 2012

NAFlux Sneak Peeks

Nevermore Alice Flux is coming out this September with brand new beutiful hand drawn Sketchcards and mind blowing Basecards but this artwork is so Eye Popping I just had to share some SneakPeeks to wet your appitite

and thats just a tiny glimpse of what is instore as we will have more packs for sale than last time so hopefully folks who missed out can grab some along with everyone else and I am personally assembling some limited edition Master Sets which will contain one of each artists cards, a full set of basecards and some special swag in a collectors edition packing, but there wont be many of these master sets and once they are gone, then they are gone.
Every reguler pack will come with 1 hand drawn sketchcard drawn by one of our world class artists and 2 high quality basecards.
Every time you purchase a pack, you will get a beutiful sketchcard, how awesome is that.

Get Ready, it's coming September
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