Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Winter Solstice Mailing Update

Hello there, Happy Christmas and a Cake filled Winter Solstice
I have been mailing out peoples orders but the Christmas Postal Cutoff has come quickly so some, including a few american orders, may have to wait to be posted untill after Christmas when the Mail starts again, so sorry about that but it's out of my control... i thought it was better not to leave peoples undeliverd parcels sitting in unknown conditions inside postoffices across the world where anything can happen to them.

Rest assured as soon as the mail starts again all un-mailed parcels will go straight out and find their way to everyone still waiting for their Nevermore Alice WinterSolstice cardsets.

Merry Seasons Greetings and Thanks

Saturday, 17 December 2011

NevermoreAlice WinterSolstice packs Mailing

It's true sales have been good on the Winter Solstice NevermoreAlice sets and I have begun mailing out Orders but new ones keep coming in as well so I'm catching up with everyone and everything at this hectic time of year.

There are still some sets left so over Christmas get in touch if you want more sets
all the best

Monday, 12 December 2011

Nevermore Alice WinterSolstice OUT NOW

ORDER PACKS DIRECT FROM ME BY EMAIL - stuff@unpleasantdreams.co.uk

OR GO TO THE NEVERMORE ALICE ARTSTORE - www.nevermorealice.etsy.com

SET A £12 British Pounds
SET B £12 British Pounds
Post and Packing Included

Please Read the Details Below the Poster
Nevermore Alice - Winter Solstice - Festive Edition

by Marty and Boo's Cards


2 Basecards and 1 Sketchcard per Set

This Festive Edition features Brand New Artwork drawn for this set which is different from the Artwork for the main set in Spring 2012

If you purchase both Set A and Set B you will get all 4 Festive Edition Basecards by Boo, David Reynolds, Dennis Budd and Elfie Lebouleux.
Every Set you buy, you will get a brand new Nevermore Alice Sketchcard drawn by Boo on classic Nevermore Alice Cardstock.

Basecards - 55mm wide X 84mm high
SketchCard - 63mm wide X 89mm high

Sets come sefe and sound in protective Sleeves and a Toploader.
I cannot garentee delivery before Christmas because of the Mail.

This Festive Season join Nevermore Alice for a special trip down the Rabbit Hole with a Festive Edition Christmas themed Card Set which will leave you excited for the main Sketch Card serise coming in Spring 2012.

Created by Boo and Marty because of our insane love of original hand drawn Sketchcards. Nevermore Alice dives straight into the magical fairytale world of Wonderland and illustrates Alice's adventures and her desperate struggle to survive the Nightmares she finds there... did I mention the sexy Fairys. Nevermore Alice will be a fantastic, high quality Sketchcard set illustrated by artists from around the world.

May Contain Mature Content with naughty bits, not suitable for children unless you let your children see saucy bits

Sketch cards are 2.5" by 3.5" (some Official cards are 4" by 5" or 5" by 7" when uncut) pieces of original art usually created completely in traditional mediums such as pencil, ink, markers, paint and more. This makes each card individual and essentially one of a kind.

Sketch cards are also commonly referred to as:

ATC - Artist Trading Cards
PSC - Personal Sketch Cards

Also sometimes referred to as:

ACEO - Artist Card Editions and Originals

SketchCards are perfect peices of original artwork that are easy to collect, store or frame. They take up so little space, cost very little compared to larger works of art and even make fantastic gifts.


Wednesday, 7 December 2011


I love to give Sneak Peeks and show I just had to show off two of the fantastic basecards that will be in the NevermoreAlice set in Spring 2012
This set is turning more exciting every day

Friday, 2 December 2011

NevermoreAlice WinterSolstice is coming

I have the lovely basecards here and can confirm the Festive Edition Set will be available shortly. There will be at least two options for everyone, youll be able to either grab Two Basecards and a Sketchcard or all four festive Edition basecards :)
I'm so excited i want to show them off, but I have to keep them secret untill the day of release which shall be announced in the next few days :P

Winter in Wonderland

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Website Back up and Running LOL

Well that was scary folks, for a day the website was down due to a technical error over at Google, But I got on the horn and the good people there managed to fix everything so we are back up and running, these things happen :)

But it's a good time to remind you about our Facebook Page www.facebook.com/nevermorealice Which does much the same as here, but allows you to share with all your mates and family.

Plus theres something Nevermore Alice Brewing for Christmas/The Winter Solstice, yes i took notice of how excited everyone is, so we have been cooking up something special which you wont be expecting, stay tuned to hear more about that soon, it blew my socks off and i carnt wait to reveal more.

Stack the Deck

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Official NevermoreAlice cards for SCF Birthday

Here are the 3 official NevermoreAlice cards donated to SketchCardFanatics Birthday giveaway drawn by Boo
These will be givenaway at random along with loads of other cards by talented artists.
I honestly can not thank Lak and the community of artists at SketchCardfanatics enough, they are constantly supportive and helpful :)

Rock On

Friday, 11 November 2011

NevermoreAlice SCFBirthday Giveaway

Hi Folks, if youve never heard of SketchCardFanatics, it's a group for Sketchcarders on Facebook run by a really nice bloke and fellow Sketchcarder Lak (who is also an artist on this very set)
And it's their Birthday soon :)

To celebrate their Birthday they are doing a sketchcard giveaway to their members and NevermoreAlice is donating 3 official Sketchcards to the Birthday Giveaway as Presants. I dont know who will be the lucky ones to get them as it's done randomly, but we thought it would be nice to give back to a community that has supported us over the years.
So i have the 3 Official NevermoreAlice Sketchcards here by my side, and once the Presants are allocated, they will be flying their way to their new homes.

All the best

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Want to get your hands on some Promocards....

Due to populer demand and the need to please, we here at NevermoreAlice have created a little Artstore where you will be able to grab Promocards, Posters and exclusive one of a kind artworks before the sets Spring Release - www.nevermorealice.etsy.com

It's Easy to use, similer to Ebay but only for Artwork and you see the item you want and buy it straight away with Paypal. You can track your information etc

As the Nevermore serise progresses more and more items will be added to the store so keep checking back for more, for example I personally shall be selling original Basecard Artwork that did and didnt go into the serise.
Keep Rocking

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

New Poster

New NevermoreAlice Poster
I'm freaking out at how sweet the Sketchcards are as they come in from all the talented artists working on this set, but i have to resist showing them all off lol

Thursday, 20 October 2011

NevermoreAlice Sneak Peeks

Sneak Peeks allow you to have a look at exclusive previews, artwork and goings on with NevermoreAlice.
Today we look at 2 Fantastic NevermoreAlice Sketchcards
by Uber Awesome artists 
Ashleigh and Elfie

Welcome to Wonderland

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Nevermore Character Concept Art

There are many characters to the world of Nevermore, but for the first Alice Sketchcard set I stuck to a select few that were key to Alice's arrival in Wonderland.
Simply click on the picture you want to see it full size
Alice Concept Art
Alice Starts off in space and is sucked into Wonderland, forced to wear Wonderland cloths and try to find out where she actually is...
Space Alice Concept Art
Alices Space costume matchs the red colour of her spaceship, but her blue dress follows the Wonderland fashion and colours.
Heart Eaters Concept Art
The HeartEaters are the most obviously scary foes in Nevermore and the very first hint of what the RedQueen may have in store... if Alice lives that long
Cheshire Cat Concept Art
The Cheshirecat is Playful and Naughty, accompanying Alice on her adventure.
Tweedles Concept Art
TweedleDum and TweedleDee, the freindly faces of Nevermore :P
Hatter and TeaMouse Concept Art
The MadHatter and the TeaMouse (not dormouse) are iconic personalitys of Wonderland, but in Nevermore things and people are not always what they seem.
White Rabbit and BunnyGirls Concept Art
The White Rabbit is the reason Alice and others are sucked into Nevermore and Wonderland, but he doesnt have time for that, he's Late for an important date...
Walrus and the Carpentar Concept Art
The badguys of Nevermore Alice, these two are really freaky, sadistic monsters who will peel you and eat you.
ScarecrowJoe Concept Art
Scarecrow Joe is one of the Nevermore characters who travels into every place and world from the highest Palaces to the lowest Ogliets putting a bullet between the eyes of some of Nevermores most notorius Killers

These are the main characters of NevermoreAlices first Sketchcard Set.
Sleep tight

Monday, 26 September 2011


Redesigning the infamous CheshireCat is no easy feat, i needed to come up with something easily regognizeable and yet distinctive for Nevermore
Our Cheshirecat is Bright Orange and Black, switching to Red and Black depending on the mood :P

Mad Hatter

There was a need to be very creative and put more girls into the NevermoreAlice world, so I turned the Mad Hatter into a woman, just as crazy as always, but with a busty figure to compliment those insane hats.
MadHatter and Dormouse
And we musnt forget the Dormouse and his bizaare Teapot :P

Walrus and the Carpenter

The menacing villians of NevermoreAlice are the Walrus and the Carpenter, i always found them horrifying and evil when they appeared in the original book and as characters their very overlooked in other retellings of Alice and Wonderland.
So when i decided these were the first badguys Alice is to encounter, i wanted to make them look distinctive.
Walrus and the Carpenter
The Carpenter is deviant, his tools arent just for carving/sculpting wood, he's used them on people too and enjoyed it.
The Walrus is an old timer, with a WorldWar-Pilot feel, he's just as twisted as his freind.
When i began to design them i had flash's back to Pulpfictions Gimp and the dark moments of Wonderland

Thursday, 22 September 2011

and the Scary HeartEaters (Heart Cards)
HeartEaters Design
I wanted to really take the cards in a direction we havent seen before, something that instantly says dark and horror, the peel the hearts out of their victims and devour them.

Showing Alice

Time to show off the Pinup that started it all, created by Boo and Dave Reynolds
Nevermore Alice Pinup
As soon as i drew her I knew something was sparking creatively, I wonderd would it become a comic.... so I contacted my good buddy and talented artist Dave and he spared some moments of his awesome time to splash Alice in colours and that was it, she was alive, Marty and I knew straight away, she had to be a Sketchcard serise
In the Nevermore serise Alice is an adult (a busty one at that) who finds her cloths in the fairytale world once her real world cloths are ruined (i'm thinking hungry Moths with book pages for wings... because they seem to leave holes in my awesome Tshirts). The set wont be nude, but will be sexy and dark/horror, bringing to life the massive mushrooms and strange landscape of wonderland and putting character into the fairytale worlds inhabitants.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Alice Design

One of the first things that had to be done after the original Pinup was drawn by Me and coloured beutifully by David Reynolds, was to draw the full design for Alice herself.

Alice Concept Art
I knew it was important not to copy anyone elses Alice, but still stay true/keep that connection to the original from the book. So I kept her very basic, but sexy. Bows were important, stockings and that little apron. This Alice is going to tackle some very disturbing creatures, the Walrus and the Carpenter designs remind me of of that infamous Gimp moment in PulpFiction, The Hearteaters etc. Stay tuned to see more soon

Tuesday, 20 September 2011