Saturday, 3 September 2016

NevermoreAlice comic on Patreon

Yes an actual NevermoreAlice comic with a map of Nevermore on the back!!! Every month on my patreon there will be a new issue of NevermoreAlice meets Britannia.

Normally only $10 upwards patreons have access to my comic downloads and erotic art, But for the first time you can enjoy this first issue for $5 ($10patreons get the erotic and horror editions of the comic plus all my other comics) and my patreon is Paypal freindly.

Recently my followers told me Britannia and Nevermore Alice were two of their fav characters of mine so I decided to create a cross over comic (Britannia already has 2 comics on my patreon) as Britannia finds herself crashing to Nevermore and falls victim to its flora and fauna while Scarecrow Joe begins to trackdown a violent murderer.
Each month as well as fufilling Patreon rewards there will be a new issue of NevermoreAlice meets Britannia to download and enjoy on Patreon with cool covers and both reguler and erotic editions.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

A new Nevermore Alice Comic on patreon

A nevermore Alice comic!!!! Yes for my Patreon I've illustrated a mini nevermore Alice meets Britannia digital mini comic which will be on my Patreon this September.
The idea is that each month there will be another installment, it will grow. I already do patreon reward comics and a new comic every month but with people telling me they love Alice and Britannia I thought it would be cool to cross them over.
People can pay $10 a month on my Patreon to get access to all my comics, full rez artwork to download as well as my erotic art. But on Patreon I also do Patreon only cover editions such as erotic editions and patreon only comics.
Drawn and written by me this will be the first official Nevermore Alice product in a while. is my Patreon, as I say, you get access to months and months worth of comics, artwork and there are further rewards for different prices. But it's nice to be working on Nevermore Alice again

Thursday, 26 February 2015

New Nevermore Alice FaceBook Group to share

If your on FaceBook there is a new public Nevermore Alice group for Artists and Collectors to join, see art from all the different sets such as never shown sketchs, draft art, adverts from different sets, cardbacks, basecard art in black and white before colours etc and all memebers can share their collections and artists can offer any AP's and commissions they have going.

To join the group just click here NEVERMORE ALICE FB GROUP and once your clicked to join the group you can rummige through the Photos folders for art from the different Nevermore sets and post your own up on the group

Down the Rabbit Hole

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Nevermore Alice site updated

Hello fellow Nevermore Collectors, we have been lost in wonderland for some time, but the site has just had an update. We have added all the important character designs used in the serise so far and included the different cardbacks for sketchcards. We have edited the info about the main storyline for Nevermore Alice around the site and added brief introductions to the different sets down the right hand side of the site. More updates are planned for the future.

Concept Art for a Nevermore Alice Pirate set featuring Alice and the Cheshire Cat
We get emails all the time from collectors and fans asking where Nevermore Alice 2 and other NA sets are, when are they coming out? We want them to come out as well. But right now the world is still recovering from the financial crises and card collecting and set production has taken a big hit. We would love to produce a two hundred pack set for Nevermore right now, but is the card industry back on its feet yet? let us know.

Back down the Rabbit Hole

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Kinky Clown Girls On Sale Now

The Kinky Clown Girls are Unleashed
£10.50 a pack plus post and packing
for however many you order.
Limited Edition set of only 200 packs.
Every pack contains 1 hand drawn original Artist Sketchcard
drawn by one of our amazing artists and 1 of four Basecards.

Every pack you purchase will give you a brand new Kinky
Clown Girl and some of these cheeky clowngirls are too
naughty for words HONK HONK.
Unpleasant Dreams cards brings you their first set for 2014 and it's 
eye popping, check out the cool artist list on the right hand side
and buy some packs while your at it.
Head on over to 
to find out all about it and grab some packs.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Happy Christmas and Merry Winter Solstice

Happy Christmas
to one and all.

here at Unpleasantdreams cards we have been working hard to 
rebuild our website
and hope to have more updates on that in the new year not to mention
planning out next years Nevermore Alice 2.
But it's christmas time, that means mince pies, cakes
and being with your loved ones at this cold time of year.

so stay safe, snuggle down and we will
see you on the other side of the Rabbit Hole

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Mighty Zombies On Sale Now

Much loved classic super characters as well as artists own creations have turned zombie, and their hungry for your BrAiNs!!!

Each pack only costs £12 pounds with free shipping and inside you get 1 hand drawn original artist Sketch card created by one of our top card artists.
You can purchase packs by clicking the Paypal Buy Now button which will appear on the websites when the packs go on sale and you can keep buying packs untill the set is sold out.

Remember, this is a Limited Edition of only 200 Packs!!!

A full artist list of everyone involved along with a card count is already on the website down the right hand side so everyone can see who's involved in drawing these stunning cards, but be warned, once packs sell out, they are gone.

This set is for mature collectors only, all zombies are...well as you would want super powerd zombies to be and some of them are popping out of their costumes in the naughtyest ways.

This set also features two different cardbacks which the artists have drawn on.