Tuesday, 23 August 2016

A new Nevermore Alice Comic on patreon

A nevermore Alice comic!!!! Yes for my Patreon I've illustrated a mini nevermore Alice meets Britannia digital mini comic which will be on my Patreon this September.
The idea is that each month there will be another installment, it will grow. I already do patreon reward comics and a new comic every month but with people telling me they love Alice and Britannia I thought it would be cool to cross them over.
People can pay $10 a month on my Patreon to get access to all my comics, full rez artwork to download as well as my erotic art. But on Patreon I also do Patreon only cover editions such as erotic editions and patreon only comics.
Drawn and written by me this will be the first official Nevermore Alice product in a while. www.patreon.com/rudetoons is my Patreon, as I say, you get access to months and months worth of comics, artwork and there are further rewards for different prices. But it's nice to be working on Nevermore Alice again

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