Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Kinky Clown Girls On Sale Now

The Kinky Clown Girls are Unleashed
£10.50 a pack plus post and packing
for however many you order.
Limited Edition set of only 200 packs.
Every pack contains 1 hand drawn original Artist Sketchcard
drawn by one of our amazing artists and 1 of four Basecards.

Every pack you purchase will give you a brand new Kinky
Clown Girl and some of these cheeky clowngirls are too
naughty for words HONK HONK.
Unpleasant Dreams cards brings you their first set for 2014 and it's 
eye popping, check out the cool artist list on the right hand side
and buy some packs while your at it.
Head on over to 
to find out all about it and grab some packs.