Wednesday, 25 April 2012

More details about Future Sets

Folks are excited about Nevermore Alice Sets to come and whats been already, so while i work hard on the official Guide Book I made a brief list at the bottom of the website introducing you to which sets have been already and whats planned for this year and next year, check it out, the story continues

Monday, 23 April 2012

Have You Got Nevermore Alice Cards to Swop?

Swops are a cool and a fun way to reach out to other collectors and make a trade without the hassle of selling on ebay when there may be certain cards your after for your collection.
I've done a Swop, i've seen collectors looking for certain cards so they can have 1 card by every artist, so i'm suggesting everyone interested in possibly swopping some of their cards with someone else and their Nevermore Alice cards, head over to the Nevermore Alice Page on Facebook, post the cards there your willing to Swop/Trade and then if you see someone with cards you want you can contact them and make your swops.

Go here for the Nevermore Alice Page on Facebook - and get your cards posted online there for possible trade/swopping :)

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Buy some Artist Edition cards from Official Artists

If you check on the right hand side of the Nevermore Alice website you can see some of the contact details and prices for Artist Edition cards off our Official Artists.
All artists who worked on NA Season 1 were given some exclusive and limited edition AE cards to keep or sell and i know some have already been doing commissions on them including myself. So feel free to check out the details or go in search of your fav artist to see if they are selling theirs.

KAT LAURANGE $40 (including shipping)

BOO £20 (including shipping

TIM PROCTOR $60 to $75

Daniel Gorman $35

Francois Chartier $30

Pablo Diaz Mencia $30

William BJ KunkleI $30

Remember once these cards are gone, they are gone, i spotted Elfie is selling one of her's on Ebay, pretty card of Space Alice. I carnt even put all these babys in the collectors guide because their going straight into your hands forever part of your secret collections.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Card Count on Date of Release

Okay Okay lol i give in, i will give hardcore collectors a CardCount from the Date of Release (April 5th 2012)

Allen - 5 cards
Boo – 33 cards  
Budd – 12 cards 
Chartier – 12 cards 
Diaz – 12 cards 
Esiu – 12 cards 
Elfie – 13 cards 
Galica – 10 cards     
Finch – 5 cards 
Gilligan – 5 cards 
Gorman – 12 cards 
Laurange – 12 cards 
Kintz – 12 cards 
Kunkle – 7 cards 
Kyle – 10 cards 
Lim – 12 cards 
Lodrigueza – 12 cards 
Platt – 12 cards 
Whyler – 12 cards       
Popplewell – 12 cards 
Proctor – 12 cards 
Rice – 12 cards 
Shay – 3 cards 
Smarto – 12 cards 
Soloud – 7 cards 
Sunico – 12 cards 
Thompson -  12 cards 
Thor – 12 cards 
Uran – 12 cards 
Webber – 12 cards 

DISCLAIMER - Total Card Counts cannot be confirmed yet due to the possibility of Postal Monsters eating cards and taking them out of cerculation causeing replacements to need to be made as packs are still arrving and the odd late Artist finally getting their missing cards in to us. The Nevermore Alice GuideBook will have official numbers for Nevermore Alice 1 and Nevermore Alice Winter Solstice Edition. This post is simply a helpful guide to those collectors interested in rough numbers to guide them and their collections.
Marty and Boo's Cards accepts no responsibility for Boo's terribal spelling as he made this post online               

Friday, 13 April 2012

Grab Commissions off the Artists of Nevermore Alice

Every official Artist who worked on Nevermore Alice got some "ARTIST EDITION" sketchcards to do commissions on, so if you like what you got in your packs and want to add to your collection track down the artist you like and ask them what their commission prices are, i know some have already been selling theirs and the results were outstanding.

Also We have spotted some folks re-selling NA cards on ebay, this is normal in the ArtCard/Sketch Card world but it means that everyone can grab hold of even more cards for their collection so i suggest hitting Ebay and doing a world wide search for Nevermore Alice, also click compleated listings to see which ones were on there and have already been re-sold.

Further down the Rabbit Hole
Boo and Marty

Friday, 6 April 2012

Nevermore Alice GuideBook is in Production

I can not resist telling you about this any longer… The Nevermore Alice Series One Guide Book is in production by Marty and Boo’s Cards.

This will be a colour NA Guidebook showing you each and every card produced for the Main Nevermore Alice series and the Festive Edition so you can see the complete card numbers, as well as character designs, unseen sketches and development artwork and read the thoughts about how and why Nevermore Alice came about. There will also be deeper explanations of the story, who characters are and allow you to see and explore the word of Nevermore while also enjoying your original hand drawn cards you now own…. Did I mention a map to the world of Nevermore, we all love a map.

For those of you who want to collect cards by artists this will be fantastic and essential reading allowing you to know which cards to look out for.
We wanted to create something that would enhance your Nevermore Alice collection but wouldn’t detract from the fact you have the original stunning cards in your hands.

You don’t have to collect this book to enjoy your cards, but it will expand your experiences and collective pleasure.

Hopefully the Book will be completed soon and then up for sale online. But rest assured folks who enjoy all the details should be satisfied by learning everything there is about the start of Nevermore Alice and what went into it.
 With brand new artwork for the cover and the beautiful artwork from our artists we are convinced you will love this Guide Book and keep it with your collection as it grows each year.

Follow us through the Looking Glass
Boo and Marty

Thursday, 5 April 2012


The day is finally here. The interest in Nevermore Alice has been fantastic and we sold out in just under 2 days when Packs went on Presale so a big THANK YOU to each and every one of you who took part, both the Artists who worked had to produce killer cards and the customers who gave us their hard earned money in the financial times we live in today.

Marty and Boo’s cards is all about creating quality Art, original Concepts and making you Smile as you get them in your hands, so today on NA’s official release day I can confirm that all packs are now in the post, heading your way.
Some folks will get them before others due to this series being mailed from the US, unlike when the Festive Edition was mailed from the UK, so don’t worry if you don’t get your hands on your packs tomorrow; the Cheshire cat hasn’t got his paws on them…yet.

Here is the full Artist list for the first main series of Nevermore Alice

 Every Artist has signed the back of their hand drawn Sketch cards
so see who you have gotten in your packs.

We don’t just want to sit on our hands and leave the world of Nevermore unexplored. That’s why brand new Designs have begun to be illustrated for Nevermore Alice 2, introducing much loved characters such as The Queen of Hearts, The White Knight and the Sinister Spade Diggers. Not to mention more Mad Hatters and other inhabitants of Wonderland in the world of Nevermore.

And that’s not all for 2012, what did Alice get up to before she was sucked into the world of Nevermore, when she was flying around in the depths of space combating the Terrivian Hordes, the Caradorme Abyss or even the Fall of Pangaea!!!
That is why we are making the moves to produce a series exploring Alice’s early adventures in the great cosmos illustrated by the awesome artists you know and love

 Check out this preview art by J. Fer Galicia

I won’t lie to you, that’s not even the end of our plans for Wonderland this year let alone for 2013, we have more secrets to come but wouldn’t it spoil things if we told you everything right now this second.

Not to mention Island Dreams 2 which is coming in August and will raise fantastic money for the Advocate Children’s Hospital, if you haven’t checked out that yet then you’re missing out on something big.
And Dead Sexy, a dark kinky Horror series full of hungry Dead Girls that want your flesh.

2012 is the year of Marty and Boo’s Cards, and we want you to come along for the ride
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