Saturday, 16 February 2013


Fantastic News
Nevermore Alice DrinkMeEatMe sold out in just under an hour of it's Pre-sale
release. Thats such an awesome thing to see and it's because of you all and the 
fantastic cards drawn by our artists, so thankyou from me
and marty at Marty & Boo Cards.

Good News for Future Sets as well.
Shortly our Angles and Demons:Hotter than Hell set will be on Pre-Sale
and I can announce 2 more exciting sets in production right now

Kinky Clown Girls
The naughtyest, most eyepopping ClownGirls you have ever seen
drawn on sketchcards HONK HONK.

Mighty Zombies
If your like me then your a fan of Marvel Zombies and you enjoyed our
very limited edition DeadSexy:HungryDeadGirls set, well this will be the most powerful
super hero and heroine zombies youve seen, 
Capes, Cowls and Brains Galore lol

But both of these sets will be coming out later in the year, perhaps early summer
and then later in the year, late summer you can look forward to Nevermore Alice 2.
With brand new character designs, Double the Alice's and new characters
to Nevermore such as the The Queen of Hearts, the Spades, a New MadHatter and more.

Busy times ahead, stacked full to bursting with the most beutiful
hand drawn cards.

Down Alice's Rabbit Hole

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Nevermore Alice DrinkMe EatMe out Feb28th

 The Brand New Nevermore Alice Drink Me Eat Me Set
shall be slightly delayed to Feb 28th
(due to Printer/Packing Issues lol)

Pre-Order Now
Only £14.50 a Pack
FREE Post and Packing

So Instead the Pre-Orders shall start on the 15th.
But remember, with this being a limited edition 100 pack set
Packs will sell out swiftly and once they are gone, they are gone.

Each Pack will contain 2 hand drawn Nevermore Alice Sketchcards
Fresh artists to the world of Nevermore and Wonderland
Returning fav artists
Alice gets really BIG, or very very Small in every pack
FINAL TIME the original Character designs will be used!!!
Packs will be on PreSale, on this website on Feb 15th 2013 with easy to use Paypal Buttons
(appearing on the 15th in the right hand corner)

Every pack will come in a neat little NA DrinkMeEatMe sleeve just like previous Alice sets and the very populer DeadSexy Set did.

Peek Inside the Rabbit Hole