Monday, 26 September 2011


Redesigning the infamous CheshireCat is no easy feat, i needed to come up with something easily regognizeable and yet distinctive for Nevermore
Our Cheshirecat is Bright Orange and Black, switching to Red and Black depending on the mood :P

Mad Hatter

There was a need to be very creative and put more girls into the NevermoreAlice world, so I turned the Mad Hatter into a woman, just as crazy as always, but with a busty figure to compliment those insane hats.
MadHatter and Dormouse
And we musnt forget the Dormouse and his bizaare Teapot :P

Walrus and the Carpenter

The menacing villians of NevermoreAlice are the Walrus and the Carpenter, i always found them horrifying and evil when they appeared in the original book and as characters their very overlooked in other retellings of Alice and Wonderland.
So when i decided these were the first badguys Alice is to encounter, i wanted to make them look distinctive.
Walrus and the Carpenter
The Carpenter is deviant, his tools arent just for carving/sculpting wood, he's used them on people too and enjoyed it.
The Walrus is an old timer, with a WorldWar-Pilot feel, he's just as twisted as his freind.
When i began to design them i had flash's back to Pulpfictions Gimp and the dark moments of Wonderland

Thursday, 22 September 2011

and the Scary HeartEaters (Heart Cards)
HeartEaters Design
I wanted to really take the cards in a direction we havent seen before, something that instantly says dark and horror, the peel the hearts out of their victims and devour them.

Showing Alice

Time to show off the Pinup that started it all, created by Boo and Dave Reynolds
Nevermore Alice Pinup
As soon as i drew her I knew something was sparking creatively, I wonderd would it become a comic.... so I contacted my good buddy and talented artist Dave and he spared some moments of his awesome time to splash Alice in colours and that was it, she was alive, Marty and I knew straight away, she had to be a Sketchcard serise
In the Nevermore serise Alice is an adult (a busty one at that) who finds her cloths in the fairytale world once her real world cloths are ruined (i'm thinking hungry Moths with book pages for wings... because they seem to leave holes in my awesome Tshirts). The set wont be nude, but will be sexy and dark/horror, bringing to life the massive mushrooms and strange landscape of wonderland and putting character into the fairytale worlds inhabitants.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Alice Design

One of the first things that had to be done after the original Pinup was drawn by Me and coloured beutifully by David Reynolds, was to draw the full design for Alice herself.

Alice Concept Art
I knew it was important not to copy anyone elses Alice, but still stay true/keep that connection to the original from the book. So I kept her very basic, but sexy. Bows were important, stockings and that little apron. This Alice is going to tackle some very disturbing creatures, the Walrus and the Carpenter designs remind me of of that infamous Gimp moment in PulpFiction, The Hearteaters etc. Stay tuned to see more soon

Tuesday, 20 September 2011