Monday, 26 March 2012


You did it, every pack is gone and we have SOLD OUT
I know some of you still want packs, I wish we had more to give you, let me check my pockets and see if i've still got some....
while i have a peek and see, why dont you take another look at the cool Wonderland characters youll be meeting when you open your packs of cards illustrated by fantastic artists from around the world

Cheshire Cat
Space Alice
MadHatter and TeaMouse
White Rabbit and the Hoppers
Scarecrow Joe
our Villians The Walrus and the Carpenter
There is the cast of Nevermore Alice, who will you find in your packs, make sure to let us know
Marty and Boo

Saturday, 24 March 2012


It's TIME, packs are now available for Pre-Sale thanks to those handy Paypal buttons to the right, you can choose to buy 25 packs, or choose as many as you want via the Single packs.

Every pack contains 1 Sketchcard and 2 basecards, plus some random packs contain an extra Sketchcard. If you want all 10 basecards then purchase 5 or more packs.

It's been a very special experiance working with the fantastic artists on this set and bringing the world of Nevermore Alice to life
Jump down the Rabbit Hole
Boo and Marty

Nevermore Alice Comes Out Tonight

Sets go on sale Midnight tonight (start of Sunday) for Nevermore Alice, beutiful cards drawn by amazing artists and random packs have an extra SketchCard (2 basecards and 1 sketchcard per normal pack). If you want all 10 exclusive Basecards then just make sure to grab 5 packs or more, or get a discount by grabbing 25 packs, all for sale direct on the website when the Presale starts
Some Names are subject to change
  we have a truly awesome amount of top talent Artists on NevermoreAlice

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

NA Out April, Presales March and Price for packs

Here it is, all the details folks have been asking for, the date Nevermore Alice comes out, when the Pre-Sales start, what you get in packs and how to get them. It's alsmot time so i hope everyone is ready, I'm super excited having seen all the fantastic original sketch cards that were created for this set, simply mind blowing. Pictured in this poster is Dennis Budd's beutiful Basecard for the set.

If you want to be sure to get all 10 basecards either order at least 5 packs or grab the 25 packs, remember your getting original hand drawn sketchcards with every pack
Get Ready
Boo and Marty

Friday, 2 March 2012

Nevermore Alice is Coming Soon in April 2012

Nevermore Alice is coming soon with fantastic High Quality hand drawn and signed Sketch Cards by much loved Artists as well as exclusive Basecards bringing the world of Nevermore Alice to life and into your hands.

There will be packs for Collectors and Retailers with options to purchase individual packs or in bulk, so stay tuned to find out further details as we march into MARCH

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