Thursday, 22 September 2011

Showing Alice

Time to show off the Pinup that started it all, created by Boo and Dave Reynolds
Nevermore Alice Pinup
As soon as i drew her I knew something was sparking creatively, I wonderd would it become a comic.... so I contacted my good buddy and talented artist Dave and he spared some moments of his awesome time to splash Alice in colours and that was it, she was alive, Marty and I knew straight away, she had to be a Sketchcard serise
In the Nevermore serise Alice is an adult (a busty one at that) who finds her cloths in the fairytale world once her real world cloths are ruined (i'm thinking hungry Moths with book pages for wings... because they seem to leave holes in my awesome Tshirts). The set wont be nude, but will be sexy and dark/horror, bringing to life the massive mushrooms and strange landscape of wonderland and putting character into the fairytale worlds inhabitants.

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