Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Buy some Artist Edition cards from Official Artists

If you check on the right hand side of the Nevermore Alice website you can see some of the contact details and prices for Artist Edition cards off our Official Artists.
All artists who worked on NA Season 1 were given some exclusive and limited edition AE cards to keep or sell and i know some have already been doing commissions on them including myself. So feel free to check out the details or go in search of your fav artist to see if they are selling theirs.

KAT LAURANGE $40 (including shipping)

BOO £20 (including shipping

TIM PROCTOR $60 to $75

Daniel Gorman $35

Francois Chartier $30

Pablo Diaz Mencia $30

William BJ KunkleI $30

Remember once these cards are gone, they are gone, i spotted Elfie is selling one of her's on Ebay, pretty card of Space Alice. I carnt even put all these babys in the collectors guide because their going straight into your hands forever part of your secret collections.

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