Friday, 6 April 2012

Nevermore Alice GuideBook is in Production

I can not resist telling you about this any longer… The Nevermore Alice Series One Guide Book is in production by Marty and Boo’s Cards.

This will be a colour NA Guidebook showing you each and every card produced for the Main Nevermore Alice series and the Festive Edition so you can see the complete card numbers, as well as character designs, unseen sketches and development artwork and read the thoughts about how and why Nevermore Alice came about. There will also be deeper explanations of the story, who characters are and allow you to see and explore the word of Nevermore while also enjoying your original hand drawn cards you now own…. Did I mention a map to the world of Nevermore, we all love a map.

For those of you who want to collect cards by artists this will be fantastic and essential reading allowing you to know which cards to look out for.
We wanted to create something that would enhance your Nevermore Alice collection but wouldn’t detract from the fact you have the original stunning cards in your hands.

You don’t have to collect this book to enjoy your cards, but it will expand your experiences and collective pleasure.

Hopefully the Book will be completed soon and then up for sale online. But rest assured folks who enjoy all the details should be satisfied by learning everything there is about the start of Nevermore Alice and what went into it.
 With brand new artwork for the cover and the beautiful artwork from our artists we are convinced you will love this Guide Book and keep it with your collection as it grows each year.

Follow us through the Looking Glass
Boo and Marty


  1. I can't wait to get one of these books! And my packs arrived today :-)