Wednesday, 2 May 2012

NA Flux Update and cards on Ebay

Nevermore Alice Flux (the prequel of Alice's Adventures in Space) is developing nicely. When colours arrive, Sketch cards will be printed and sent off to our fantastic artists.
We have around 35 top artists signed on for Flux, with possible more coming onboard soon, but rest assured we wont be going crazy with a million artists, it’s all about High Quality and strong individual art styles here.

Also on EBay more and more cards are appearing and being snapped up by collectors, even I’m selling an Artist Edition card on there and there’s some cards I really wish I could purchase (okay I already grabbed a couple off ebay, I’m addicted).

The Nevermore Alice Guidebook is still in production, I want it to be right for everyone so to keep you all hungry here are some of the early designs going into Nevermore Alice Flux

Nevermore Alice Flux - DORATHY and TOTO
 Dorathy and Toto join the world of Nevermore Alice in Flux along with a few new characters.

Nevermore Alice Flux - ALICE
Alice makes her stunning return which will focus on her space adventures in Flux

Get ready for space

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