Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Exclusive Preview of the NA Flux Sketchcard Back

I can now reveal for the first time what the SketchCard Back will look like for the highly anticipated Nevermore Alice Flux Set

Official NAFlux Sketchcard Back
Drawn by Boo
Colour by Matthew Swift
Nevermore Alice Flux is, as you already know, a prequal to the sold out NevermoreAlice set. We will get to see, enjoy and collect Alices adventures in space before she was ever sucked into the world of Nevermore.

Returning for this serise are everyone from NA1 along with some pretty talented folks new to the world of Nevermore so it felt right to have a different look to the title as it will be full to bursting with Alice in her spacesuit, aliens, monsters, planets and squishy things not to mention new cast members who may or may not eventually pop up later down the line in the world of Nevermore and Wonderland (Pss did i mention Dorathy and Toto).
I can not wait to start drawing on these cards and see the artwork coming in from our quality world wide artists.
This is going to be a stunning set
Rockets Ready
Boo & Marty

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