Wednesday, 12 June 2013


I bet you have been wondering when Nevermore Alice 2 would be out this year, well we have delayed it untill 2014 next year.
There are a number of reasons, but one was family health problems put a stop to production on most of our sets. We are a family company, we treat our artists like family and so, sometimes, things pop up out of the blue.
Nevermore Alice is a very very special serise. We design the look of all the characters appearing, make sure theres something special about each set such as multyple cardbacks or basecards, postcards etc so it's alot of work to get Nevermore Alice ready and into your hands.
Fear Not, many of the brand new character designs are already done and NA2 will come, but lets just say Alice got lost in wonderland for a while and will be back in 2014.

At the same time we can announce a new website to keep an eye on every single Marty and Boo Cards set -
This one website will contain updates and information about all the sets Marty and Boo
produces as well as release dates, sneak peeks and everything you could want.
Our big sets will still keep their own websites and blogs for when sets go onsale, but this new site will be a one stop shop for all our set updates.

For example we have the brand new set Britannia comeing out on July 15th
You can find out more about this amazing set by visting or heading over to

So dont worry, we havent forgotten Alice

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