Monday, 31 December 2012

NevermoreAlice EatmeDrinkme Coming SOON

What Better way to say Happy New Year than to announce the brand new 100 Pack set
coming FEB 2013

This set is very very special for a number of reasons
Only 100 limited packs
2 hand drawn cards per pack
Fresh artists to the world of Nevermore and Wonderland
Returning fav artists
Alice gets really BIG, or very very Small in every pack
FINAL TIME the original Character designs will be used!!!

This set is so eyecatching, every card has been drawn with love and excitment by the artists and we really can not wait to get them into your hands.
Packs will be onsale, on this website on Feb 2013 so keep coming back to check for more updates   including the full artist list, card count that each artist produced, pack price and even bonus items.

Every pack will come in a neat little NA DrinkMeEatMe sleeve just like previous Alice sets and the very populer DeadSexy Set did.
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Happy new Year
Boo and Marty

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