Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Nevermore Alice Flux Packs

There are still some Nevermore Alice Flux 
Packs available either as Single Packs
or 25 Pack Bundles which give you a nice
discount and dont forget everything has 
free shipping.

Single Packs £15 (1 sketchcard and 2 basecards per pack)
25 Pack Bundle £325 (discounting each pack to only £13)

If you want to know the Artists involved just check the list
on the right hand side which also informs you how
many cards each of them drew and how many packs
went on sale in this serise.
Although the Master Sets gave you a garenteed Master Set of Sketchcards, you
can still try to assemble your own master set by purchaseing 25 Pack Bundles and Single packs
Dont forget the 25Pack Bundle discounts the cost of each pack.
No Post and Packing
(Random packs include a Postcard Print and NA2 Promocard)
Packs will start shipping from the 8th of October.
If Single Packs say they are Sold out at any time, please come back
later and check again untill every option is sold out.
Each Sketch card has been hand drawn by one of our amazing Artists from around the world
so when you get one for your collection, your not only getting an
original work of art, but your holding in your hands all the years it has taken
that artist to grow and learn their craft, style and skills which made it 
possible for them to create that one of a kind Sketch card.
Nevermore Alice Flux takes you deep into the Universe Alice came from before she was sucked into Wonderland and the world of Nevermore.
We meet her friends, Ugg, Bark, Dorathy and Toto as they battle to keep the galaxy safe from monsters and mayhem.
Each Art/Sketch Card is printed on one side allowing the artist to sign it and the other side is hand drawn on by the Artist to create a wonderful work of original Art for the series so you can build a collection.
Cards are packed randomly, so you never know which wonderful artists you will be getting, unless you purchase a master set.
But the more packs you purchase, the more original artwork you get thats been hand drawn by 
top artists from around the world.

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