Thursday, 6 September 2012

Nevermore Alice Flux is Almost here

It's almost here, Nevermore Alice Flux
Coming End of September
(September 30th)

There will be Limited edition Master Sets with Bonus items
Individual packs containing 2 basecards and 1 hand drawn Sketchcard
Bulk Pack Discounts for 25 Packs
All Available for purchase Online via PayPal here at

(Artist List can be seen on the right hand side of this website.)

Nevermore Alice Flux takes you deep into the Universe Alice came from before she was sucked into Wonderland and the world of Nevermore.
We meet her friends, Ugg, Bark, Dorathy and Toto as they battle to keep the galaxy safe from monsters and mayhem.

Each Art/Sketch Card is printed on one side allowing the artist to sign it and the other side is hand drawn on by the Artist to create a wonderful work of original Art for the series so you can build a collection.

Cards are packed randomly meaning you get a wonderful surprise with each and every pack you purchase and you only need 5 packs or more to get the full collection of Basecards which are printed illustrations created by the artists on this series.
But the more packs you purchase, the more original artwork you get thats been hand drawn by 
top artists from around the world.

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