Sunday, 15 July 2012

NevermoreAlice Flux Coming Soon with Spankin New Cards

There it is Folks - Nevermore Alice Flux is coming and it's going to be amazing, just check out some of those sneak peek cards on the poster, those are all going into packs and will be on sale in September and we have over 35 world class Artists drawing cards even as I type.

Just like last time, PayPal buttons will appear on the website for everyone to be able to purchase packs, multy pack deals and this time the brand new Master Sets which will be limited and include some extra swag, but more about them closer to the release date.

Nevermore Alice Flux is a prequal set to our successful Nevermore Alice serise, this time we will be discovering some of the adventures Alice and her old space freinds had throughout the universe before she got sucked into that Spatial-Flux which took her to the world of Nevermore and Wonderland. Theres Aliens, Tenticles, Robots, RayGuns and everything else you would hope for.

We heard how much customers loved the 10 high quality Basecards that were created for the previous serise so we have 10 brand new ones for NAFlux along with beutiful hand drawn sketchcards that will blow your mind, and remember, unlike some other sets out there, you are GARENTEED to get 2 basecards and 1 hand drawn sketch card per pack, FANTASTIC.
We didnt stop there either, there are going to be even more packs available to buy this time so that no one will miss out... unless all the packs sell out that is which is what happend last time.

September is goin to be epic
See you on the other side of the Universe

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