Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Nevermore Alice Flux coming SEPTEMBER

Nevermore Alice Flux is coming
Nevermore Alice Flux is a prequal to the sold out to the first NevermoreAlice set. We will get to see, enjoy and collect Alices adventures in space before she was ever sucked into the world of Nevermore.

Returning for this serise are Favourite Artists from NA1 along with some amazingly talented folks new to the world of Nevermore, so it felt right to have a different look to the title as it will be full to bursting with Alice in her spacesuit, Aliens, Monsters, Robots, Planets, LazerSwords and squishy things not to mention new cast members who may or may not eventually pop up later down the line in the world of Nevermore and Wonderland (Pss did i mention Dorathy and Toto).

The Artist Lineup so far is droooool'worthy
Luke Smarto
Marmalade Duke
Noah Whyler
Kat Laurange
Russ Platt
Bianca Thompson
Dreek Owen
Dennis Budd
Maja Klockljung
Tim Proctor
Ashliegh Popplewell
lak Lim
Daniel Campos
Pablo Diaz
Marlo lodrigueza
Vince Sunico
Kristen Allen
Francois Chartier
Chris Butler
Rusty Gilligan
Nagy Gergely
Dan Gorman
Mel Uran
Walter Dennis Rice
Randy Kintz
George Webber
Gary Kezele
William Kunkle
Don Pedicini Jr
Johnny Segura
Scott Alan Gregory
Mike vasquez

(please forgive me for spelling mistakes lol)

Artwork is coming in from these fantastic artists and it is blowing my mind, with High Quality Sketchcards just like last time and 10 brand new exclusive Basecards this set is going to be mind blowing

Rockets Ready
Boo & Marty


  1. When is the pre-order? :-D

    1. Hi JC, no pre-order this time, the packs will go on sale on a set date and everyone can buy them :P