Friday, 13 January 2012

NevermoreAlice Sneak Peeks

It's time for some more Sneek Peeks at some of the hand drawn Sketch Cards going into the Nevermore Alice Sets, and let me tell you, it's Criminal the talent behind all of these cards, i've been drooling as each one has come in, blowing my mind away in ways i could never have aniticipated when i drempt these character designs up.
So to tempt and tease you today let me reveal two more Sketchcards, one by the ultra talanted Kat Laurange and the other by that well known HotGirl artist Russ Platt
SneekPeek Nevermore Alice Sketchcards
Kat's cards come to life the second you see them, she always takes the topic and spins it in a creatively vibrant style that leaves you hungering for more and i considerd stealing all her cards and never letting any of you know haha
Russ is the go to guy for busty girls of a curvy nature, but he can also dip into a very dark place when it comes to creating artwork thats filled with that oldschool horror vibe taking you directly into the world of Nevermore.

I can not express how pleased i was at how the Festive Winter Solstice edition sets were recived by collectors and so I hope everyone is ready for the main set due this Spring.

Wicked Dreams

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