Friday, 11 November 2011

NevermoreAlice SCFBirthday Giveaway

Hi Folks, if youve never heard of SketchCardFanatics, it's a group for Sketchcarders on Facebook run by a really nice bloke and fellow Sketchcarder Lak (who is also an artist on this very set)
And it's their Birthday soon :)

To celebrate their Birthday they are doing a sketchcard giveaway to their members and NevermoreAlice is donating 3 official Sketchcards to the Birthday Giveaway as Presants. I dont know who will be the lucky ones to get them as it's done randomly, but we thought it would be nice to give back to a community that has supported us over the years.
So i have the 3 Official NevermoreAlice Sketchcards here by my side, and once the Presants are allocated, they will be flying their way to their new homes.

All the best

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