Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Nevermore Character Concept Art

There are many characters to the world of Nevermore, but for the first Alice Sketchcard set I stuck to a select few that were key to Alice's arrival in Wonderland.
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Alice Concept Art
Alice Starts off in space and is sucked into Wonderland, forced to wear Wonderland cloths and try to find out where she actually is...
Space Alice Concept Art
Alices Space costume matchs the red colour of her spaceship, but her blue dress follows the Wonderland fashion and colours.
Heart Eaters Concept Art
The HeartEaters are the most obviously scary foes in Nevermore and the very first hint of what the RedQueen may have in store... if Alice lives that long
Cheshire Cat Concept Art
The Cheshirecat is Playful and Naughty, accompanying Alice on her adventure.
Tweedles Concept Art
TweedleDum and TweedleDee, the freindly faces of Nevermore :P
Hatter and TeaMouse Concept Art
The MadHatter and the TeaMouse (not dormouse) are iconic personalitys of Wonderland, but in Nevermore things and people are not always what they seem.
White Rabbit and BunnyGirls Concept Art
The White Rabbit is the reason Alice and others are sucked into Nevermore and Wonderland, but he doesnt have time for that, he's Late for an important date...
Walrus and the Carpentar Concept Art
The badguys of Nevermore Alice, these two are really freaky, sadistic monsters who will peel you and eat you.
ScarecrowJoe Concept Art
Scarecrow Joe is one of the Nevermore characters who travels into every place and world from the highest Palaces to the lowest Ogliets putting a bullet between the eyes of some of Nevermores most notorius Killers

These are the main characters of NevermoreAlices first Sketchcard Set.
Sleep tight

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